Bible Belt Fine Art Nude

The MeetUp website formerly serving as a host for workshop information and a showcase of photography and information has altered some terms of their user agreements. To avoid any confusion or question with the organizers of the MeetUp websites, we have chosen to create a place totally under our control.

The purpose of the BBFAN site and workshops is simple; The shared creativity, knowledge and techniques of creating portraiture and nude photography. The human form has always been an artistic subject. The camera is a tool just as a brush or chisel is for a painting or sculpture.

Creating expressive and artistic images with a camera is always a challenge. As photographers we always challenge ourselves to find a different angle, lighting, subject or technique to create an image. Adding the “human element” to that image increases that challenge.

Ultimately, the goal is to become better photographers. Expanding the skill set in any way makes every image we shoot better.

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